Upper Middle Bogans

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Upper Middle Bogans

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Tony Martin is co-directing episodes of the new upcoming comedy series from Wayne Hope & Robyn Butler's Gristmill Productions (Librarians, Very Small Business).
The new series, to air on ABC-TV in 2013, is called Upper Middle Bogans.

http://http://www.smh.com.au/entertainm ... 253z9.html

http://http://www.theage.com.au/enterta ... 26566.html

It stars Glenn Robbins, Robyn Nevin and Michala Banas and is about two families living at opposite ends of Melbourne (socio-economically speaking).
Tony Martin has tweeted that he has been directing shoots at a Golf Course in Melb and the crew had an altercation with a real golfer who didn't like having his game disturbed, especially by 'leftie pricks' from the ABC.
I have just noticed that some-one has already put up an entry on Wikipedia. Hopefully it won't get vandalised by mad Get This fans the way the Joy of Sets page was just after it opened.
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