Judith Lucy in another Reader's Digest column

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Judith Lucy in another Reader's Digest column

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Judith Lucy was in the Reader's Digest column, Life's like that.

I've transcribed the article here.

The best advice my parents gave me was....never trust a man with a beard or who honks his horn.

When I was a child I thought...I would be grown up and have an idea about life by the time I was 44.

One moment I'd love to forget is
...when a guy I was seeing fed me in a restaurant while we were on a date. People probably thought I'd had a stroke.

I never thought I'd
... I don't think that sentence has ever been formulated in my head. I've never thought. That was a bad idea.

The weirdest holiday moment I've ever had was... when I was with my best friend on an island and she got down on her knees and begged one of the cleaners to sleep with me. We ended up having a pash in the bathroom before we both went, "What are we doing?"

I knew I'd gone too far when
...Again, that sentence has never popped into my head.

My motto in life is....someone once gave me a fridge magnet that read, "Life's too short to drink cheap red wine."

An ideal audience
...is not too drunk and not too sober.

The article can be found in the February issue of Reader's Digest, available at newsagents and supermarket impulse stands now.
".....that's what's ahead here on Martin Molloy; the only radio show with an inner core of sphagnum."
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