Mick performing at the Felix Bar tonight (07/11/2012)

Chat and reminisce about The Late Show, an Australian comedy series which aired on ABC from 1992- 1993.

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Mick performing at the Felix Bar tonight (07/11/2012)

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I haven't seen any one post this, but here's the link: to the Facebook event.
The Felix Bar is a cool venue, I've been there plenty of times to see Arj Barker, Dave Thornton, Dave Callan, Jeff Stilson and Sir Robert Franklin and I've always had a great time. The crowd can be huge, like when I saw Arj Barker, which has a cool energy, or quite small, Jeff Stilson's night was pretty quiet, but it was "intimate" which was a lot of fun also.
MICK MOLLOY headlines Felix Bar Comedy this Wednesday! Yesssss!!!

Mick was one of the members of the D-Generation, and of course one of the stars of the seminal THE LATE SHOW on ABC. After that he went on to be half of the massively successful radio show MARTIN/MOLLOY with Tony Martin. After that, he had his own show on Channel 9 (THE MICK MOLLOY SHOW) and his own radio show on Triple M (TOUGH LOVE), and then moved onto movies with CRACKERJACK, BAD EGGS and BOYTOWN.
These days he can be seen on Channel 10's BEFORE THE GAME and heard on Triple M's HOT BREAKFAST.

Plus another excellent support crew:

There's always a bunch of great comedians on, with three brackets of laughs, and still, only twelve bucks. Get in!

Wednesday, November 6
11 Fitzroy St, St Kilda
8.30pm, $12
Now a'Tweetin'.
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