Funky Squad locations

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Funky Squad locations

Post by foolhardycousingeorge »

I decided to start this new thread.

I guess that many forum members are fans of Funky Squad.

To us, it does not matter that not many TV critics liked Funky Squad, that it did not rate very highly, and only a handful of episodes were made.

One of the amusing things about Funky Squad, were the old television commercials that were used in the show. Among them, was an ad for Neil Neilson Holden. Rosemary Margan appeared in the commercial, telling women that their husbands could lease a Holden Torana for them, from Neil Neilson. This seems ridiculous now, that women once could not lease a car by themselves.

I was having afternoon tea at a cafe in the Melbourne suburb, Ferntree Gully some weeks ago. On the drive home along Ferntree Gully's main street, I noticed several car dealerships.

I'm sure that back in the 1970s, one of these sites would have where Neil Neilson Holden was located.

So, I'm wondering whether other forum members know of the other locations used during the filming of Funky Squad?