Weekly Team Effort Podcast for Patrons

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Weekly Team Effort Podcast for Patrons

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Hi everyone.

The Ash and Ed Podcast (run by Ash) had one of those all me anything things on Instagram, so on a whim I asked how many patrons they'd need to record a hour long, WEEKLY, Team Effort.

Not thinking much of it I promptly forgot until I got a reply. 1,000. They'd do it for 1,000 patrons.

So the question now is, do we have 1,000 fans of Get This/Team Effort who want a proper, not rushed through, regular Team Effort podcast?

Can the fans who held rallies for a cancelled radio show stand up again?

Link to the Patreon. Ash said they'd start spruiking it on their podcasts on the next eps... https://www.patreon.com/TeamEffort